Visit of the Moeller’s

The Moeller clan visited us in Newmarket for a week. First Jayne and Nancy arrived from New York Saturday noon-ish. We grabbed a lunch and headed to Applecrest Farms to get some fresh produce. We selected lots of different kinds of apples to enjoy including some heirloom varieties. Then Sunday morning we introduced Jayne to kayaking. She made it almost all the way to the dam on the Lamprey River. She ended up floating back to the dock on the outgoing tide. It was a beautiful calm morning. We saw herons and cormorants and some shore birds.

Frodo was kind enough to walk Jayne. He knew who was in charge.

Frodo walking Jayne

Nancy’s amazing mushroom shot

On Sunday evening, Rod and Susan and Jay and Madonna arrived from Cleveland. The next morning, Nancy took Rod out for an introduction to Kayaking. Rod enjoyed it thoroughly.


Nancy and Rod


Rod Kayaking

Dockmaster Nancy

Jay, Susan and Wink took a shore walk to join us. Dad really enjoyed the walk and crunching in the leaves and picking late raspberries. It was peak color here during their visit. They saw a heron in a salt pond.

Shore Walk

Monday night we went to Warrens in Kittery Maine to celebrate Jay and Madonna’s eighth wedding anniversary. Jay, Rod and Mark all got the twin Lobsters. Madonna and Susan tried different seafood dishes and we all enjoyed the huge salad bar.

Lobstah at Warrens


Wednesday morning the girls had to return to New York, so we dropped them off at the bus terminal in Portsmouth. We said our good byes.


Dropping Jayne and Nancy at Bus Terminal

Then we drove along the seashore from
Rye Beach to Hampton.

Hampton Beach, N.H.

 On our way back to the house we took the remaining crew back to Applecrest to get more goodies, apples and cider.

Applecrest Orchards and Farm Market


More Pumpkins

Rod and Mark went for a third kayak trip, this time all the way to the dam. Here is the evidence.

Rod made it to Newmarket paddling the Lamprey

The boys went on a Mission to acquire some Lobstah while the girls went outlet shopping in Kittery. Jay, Rod and Mark stopped at Sanders Lobster Company and got the lobster roll for lunch plus brought 6 live ones home. They put a whole chicken lobster in each Lobster roll!

Then Rod cooked a feast to celebrate Jay’s eighty eighth birthday.  It was surf and turf consisting of marinated chicken, bourbon marinated steak tips and asparagus and salad.

Andrew Chilling

Surf and Turf at 27 Lubberland

Saturday morning our guests departed and headed back to Cincinnati and then home from there.

Homeward Bound

We had a great visit and were glad they were able to see our place. It was the last of Indian summer and ever since they left it has been chilly and dreary.


All for now:

Mark and Wink