Mid December Blog

We have had hints of winter for a while, but it finally caught up with us. The snow blower would not start, so I got a new spark plug. That was not enough and it is still dead. Next I will have to get it fixed. I planned to have the snow blower put on the tractor but I procrastinated too long and we got a foot of snow resulting in the tractor being snowbound behind the garage. There were also many things we planned to do to clean out the garage so we could park the second car in there, but these failed to happen as well.

The critters have been active. We have only seen the deer at night, but there were at least five of them two nights ago. This snow will be hard on them. One of the deer was after the rhododendron already. This guy was perusing the bird feeders.

Hawk supervising the bird feeders

We still see the bachelor group of turkeys, but they have not shown up since the snow.



I got a set of pictures for SEASONS just prior to the snow and it has been updated for a full year. Then we got our foot of snow and the bird feeders have been very active. Here are a few pictures Wink took while we were clearing the driveway.

Great Bay, One Foot of Fresh Snow December 15, 2013


Fun in the Snow


Birds queuing for the bird feeder

Red Bellied Woodpecker

The birds are not supposed to prefer alder berries, but it seems to do when their main food sources are covered by snow.

Robins in Black Alder

Eating Alder Berries

Birds under Feeders unusually sociable together

Blue Jays

Tomorrow we have to shovel the snow off the decks. We are a little sore from the driveway.

Wink made a slow cooker stew and we have a fire in the fireplace. It is cozy and warm inside tonight.

Frodo keeping warm

All for now…………

Mark and Wink