Mid April Update

Update from Meg in NY

Street Faire in NY NY




Leave me alone!

NY Sunset, Riverside Park

these are the two pictures I took sunday

at the brooklyn 5th annual folk festival

the band is the whistling wolves

the woman in the picture is AMAZING at whistling



NY Folk Festival



There was a fun workshop at the folk festival too, we learned about and tried out shapenote singing



Spring in Newmarket, NH

Work Boat – Putting in the docks

We got the kayaks out of winter storage. Andrew paddled his kayak into Newmarket and has it stored in his condo. He said it was an absolutely spectacular paddle. We plan to get out again on Wednesday. Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day, so Wednesday will be better. These two were enjoying the good weather as well. I’ll try to get some pictures.


Going Fishing

There’s one


Beautiful Day


Who dat? Merganser?


Spring Colour

Frodo for Meg


All for now.

Mark, Wink and Meg