Mid-August Update

Another week has passed and I feel like I need to produce another blog. It almost feels like autumn here as the nights are cool, the days are getting shorter and even some of the leaves are starting to change. I have been lax in my duties as a blogger and only have about 300 pictures to choose from. However, this week has been eventful as usual. So here is the blog:


As promised we did get out on the water and here are the pictures to prove it. Andrew joined us and we were out on the water for a couple of hours. It was a pleasant paddle. We visited the Osprey nest but it had been abandoned. However we did hear an Osprey cry as we approached.

Wink Kayaking

Andrew Kayaking

Wink visiting Osprey’s Nest

Seasons Tree from the Water

Our House

Wink, Frodo and I went for a walk to update the Seasons blog. I took a picture of our back yard as it currently stands. One of our problems is we have a great deal of Purple Loosestrife which is considered an invasive species. You can see the large patches of it in this picture.

Purple Loosestrife

So next week we plan to have the yard plowed and a pasture mix planted. We hope to contain the purple loosestrife by keeping the pasture mowed. Hopefully we will plant something that will provide fodder for the deer so they leave our plantings alone. Time will tell.

Critters Growing

A blog would not be complete without an update on our frequent yard visitors. All of the babies continue to grow and thrive. Even the smallest turkeys have fledged and can fly now. This allows them to roost in the trees and increases their chances of survival. We have seen Bambette’s mother and her twins as well. The larger twins no longer have spots and Bambette’s twins are starting to lose their spots as well.

Bambette and Twins at bird feeder


Twins 1 and 2 (unnamed) easier to see the differences in spots (fraternal)

Bambette (she has lost the fur on her face L)

Momma Turkey with Big Babies

Big Babies

Momma Turkey with Fledged Babies

Small Babies (fledged and can fly)

On the March


Kayaker, Heron and Seagull at Low Tide


For Meg


Going for a shore walk

Miss You L

All for now:

Mark, Wink and Frodo