Mid-January Update

We had a thaw and much of our snow melted. Yesterday we had another mild snow storm. We got five plus inches of snow but it was a gentle sustained snow. The snow collected on the pine trees but it was relatively dry under them. Not everyone appreciates the snow.


Meg extended her Christmas break and went to New York to visit Nancy. She is creating a separate blog to cover that. Before she left, she convinced me to set up the trail cameras to get pictures in the yard. A trail camera is a motion sensitive camera that I used when I used to deer hunt. I have three cameras and set two on the East side of the yard and one on the West. The cameras provide a time and date stamp for reference. Meg is back from New York and we picked up the memory sticks. Mostly we got pictures of Wink and I walking Frodo. We also get pictures of me filling the bird feeders.

Mark walking Frodo

Wink walking Frodo

After I put the trail cameras up we saw deer in the yard three times in one day. One could tell from the tracks in the snow where they were going and guess at what they were doing. Trail cams give a snapshot of the activity.

Doe eating Rhododendron (East side of house)

Doe going South (West side of house)

Does headed North (West side of house)

Doe headed South (West side of house)



We still see the hawk visiting us on a regular basis. I saw him flying by the house but failed to get a picture. Wink and I watched a big disturbance out on the water. The seagulls were riled up and flying in a swarm. There was a large dark bird chasing them and we think it was an eagle. I didnít manage a picture of that as I was too busy just watching. We know that one of the predator birds was successful because we found a trail of feathers from a bird being plucked when we walked the dog this morning.


On a lighter note, we made a family dinner tonight; perogies and kielbasa. We ended up making a mess of the kitchen.

Meg making mashed potatoes and Wink Sour Cream Dough

Mark stuffing shells that Wink made.

Mark can cook?

Meg and Mark frying perogies (potato dumplings)

Worth the effort!

Meg returns to Portland this weekend. We have enjoyed having her around.

More laterÖ

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg