Meg’s Pictures

So there is this robin that fancies his territory is the space outside our dining room. Every time he sits on the tree out the window he feels threatened by his reflection and attacks it. So while we are in the kitchen or reading nearby we hear kah-THUMP…. THUMP… THWACK… and so on. It is both amusing and worrying. I decided to embrace the opportunity to take close up pictures of the robin, so I sit at the table reading and take pictures when he shows up. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


Who dat?

Meg’s friend


An old high school friend is writing her thesis down in Baltimore MD and I decided it would be fun to bake some cookies and send them to her. I remember those long tortuous nights spent in the biology building with my compatriots wishing I had things to snack on while I ran tests or typed up results. I decided on two varieties of cookies to make: snickerdoodles and shortbread. So far I have only baked the latter. I had some fun with cookie cutters, and my brother suggested various ways to dip them in chocolate. To taste test the cookies we put vanilla ice cream in bowls and drizzled it with leftover chocolate, topped with a shortbread cookie. It was delicious.

Shortbread Cookies

In Progress


I am in love with my dad’s Sony something-or-other camera. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Mr Robin, so I decided to try it out on Chief. It turns out he is a wiggle monster and never sits still. Anyways, here are a couple shots.


At Play

I am cat



This is a picture of Frodo I managed to snag while he was helping make breakfast. He wasn’t very cooperative because making breakfast is serious business.



All the best,