March Snow

It was more of a weather event than we expected. The town next to us got eight inches of snow and it was a wet heavy snow. I am not sure of the amount we got but it was probably close to eight inches.

More Snow


Well sad to say, the little Toro snow blower that could, canít anymore. This heavy wet snow was too much for it and its drive shaft broke. At least it served its purpose through our first winter in New Hampshire. So now the question is to repair or replace. What will next year bring? This was quite a winter.

I took pictures at the high tide. This tide was high and you can see the snow in the water. The water is well over the point and encroaching on our yard.

High Tide

Meg is driving from Portland, Oregon to New Hampshire. She stopped in Colorado, Wichita, KS and Peosta, IA on the way. In Peosta, she stopped and visited her grandfather.

Meg and Grandpa

Meg should arrive in New Hampshire tomorrow. We are looking forward to her visit.

Thatís all for now,

Mark and Wink


Some More Bird Pictures for Your Enjoyment.

Red Wing Blackbird




Is this the same Hawk?

Still need better optics!


Doves and buds on the trees!


Chickadee (out of focus)

English Starlings