Late Summer

Wink and I went to New York City and spent Labor Day weekend with Nancy. We also attended the wedding of the son of a good friend of Wink’s. We took the bus to the city on Thursday and returned on Monday. Andrew stayed here and took care of Frodo and Verdi. The wedding was held at the Old Stone Mill at the New York Botanical Gardens. The venue was fabulous. The food and company were great and the wedding went off without any problems.


Wink and Mark

The Venue

On Saturday Wink and Nancy went off to the museum of Natural History to a southern hemisphere whale exhibit and had a great time. Mark stayed home with an upset tummy and so didn’t get any pictures. On Sunday we camped at Nancy’s because she sprained her ankle walking the dog and I didn’t take any pictures. Monday morning we went for a three mile walk up past Grant’s Tomb and along the Hudson River. Then Monday afternoon we took the bus home. Frodo was glad to see us.

The animals have not been totally happy with the transformation of the back yard. We still see the deer but the turkeys have largely disappeared.

Bambette and the Twins

Andrew said he saw a doe with a single fawn. He also mentioned that he noticed some unusual behavior like the doe was chasing the fawn. I took this picture when I got home. There is a new doe about Bambette’s age with a single fawn. It seems they came to some arrangement and Bambette is tolerating her. So this is a deer we have not seen before.

Two Does and Three Fawns

We did see the larger baby turkeys a couple times. I was too slow to get many pictures.

Juvenile Male Turkey (Jake)

After the turkeys left, the crows took over the bird feeder.


On Sunday and Monday when we were away, there was a severe thunderstorm that produced a large amount of rain. Unfortunately this washed away the pasture seed we had just planted. On a brighter note, Meg sent us a care package from Hawaii to brighten our day.

Care Package from Meg

This morning as the tide was moving, we saw three herons and an egret. One of the herons seemed to be smaller than the other two. There was also a lot of seagull activity.


We are spending a lot of time assessing the yard and deciding where we go from here. The thunderstorm knocked down a lot of the apples. The pear looked pretty good but we don’t have a ladder tall enough to allow us to pick the pears.



House from Side Yard - room to plant

House from the Shore Trail

So it has been very fall-like this weekend. We have spent a lot of time working on the yard. Wink and I are both pretty stiff. Next Sunday is the charity auction at the nursery where we got the blueberry bushes and the butterfly garden last year. We plan to attend again this year. We want another pine tree to replace one that died, a butterfly bush and ?. Wonder what we’ll bid on this year?

Mark and Wink



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