Late September Blog

I have been lazy and need to catch up on my blogging. A lot has happened since my last blog and we have been busy. We went to the New Hampshire Highland Games again this year and the Dover Irish Festival. Wink’s brother James joined us for the Highland Games and we had a great time.

One of the first things Wink did at the games was sign up as a member of Clan MacPherson. Her maternal grandfather was a MacPherson. There was a bonus to this because we celebrated with a nip of scotch. Much appreciated by James and I but Wink wasn’t interested!


Clan MacPherson

We spent most of our time enjoying the music. There were several great bands and I suspect that Wink bought seven or eight cd’s of their music. Andrew helped her set up the Bose radio/cd player when she got home so she could enjoy the music in the living room. It has a CD changer and we no longer have one for the built in stereo that Mark has been lax in rewiring. We have been enjoying the music for a couple weeks.

Brigadoon with an amazing fiddler

Red Hot Chili Pipers-fun act

RCMP Pipe Band

Albannach-drums galore

Natalie Hass and Alasdair Fraser

Pipe band drum majors on Parade Ground

Wink and James went back to the games on Saturday and Mark chilled at the chalet due to an upset stomach. They had a great time and got to witness the massed pipe bands. They really enjoyed the music.

Massed Pipe Bands

The weather was decent the whole weekend but it was threatening the whole time. Here was the view we woke up to. It was just pre peak for fall colors. So we missed them up north this year. Wink says next year we will not buy any more plants so we can spend our time exploring and enjoying the scenery.

Scenery – Franconia Notch

Storm Clouds

Irish Festival

Sets the Tone :=)

Irish Dancing


More Dancing

New Hampshire Pipe Bands

The weather was perfect for the festival. It was warm and sunny but cooled off nicely in the evening. We didn’t want to leave but we had to get home and take care of Frodo. We had a good time and plan to attend again next year.


We continue to see the critters.

Bambette and Fawns – 9 – 16-2013

Turkeys 9-17-2013


Growing Up  9-25-2013

On the March

Bird Feeders


Crow 9-27-2013

Eastern Tree Frog

This little guy came with the tree and stayed on while we planted it. Seems to think it is his home! Very well camouflaged. Can change color to fit location.


September just blew by us. It is already more than a week into October, but that is another blog.


Mark and Wink