Late December 2013

Meg came home for Christmas. She hasn’t been home since mid-July and was only here for a week. It was too short a visit but it was great to see her.

Meg and Frodo

To help entertain her, we stopped at Tractor Supply and got two bags of corn, one cracked and one whole kernel. We initially set corn right outside her window with the hope that we would attract her deer. Unfortunately that did not happen during her visit. But it did provide her with a pleasant distraction. We also provided some snow and cold weather for her.



Me Too

Red Squirrel with Apple Core




Pigeon (much bigger than a dove)


Squirrel Fight


Winners and Losers

We had a quiet Christmas with the obligatory Roast Beast.


Roast Beast

Frodo with Christmas bone – Thank you Aunt Jayne

And a good time was had by all….

The black alder bush remained popular, but its berries are being depleted.




Cedar Waxwings


Robin and European Starling

After Meg left we moved the corn pile out to the bird feeder. Eventually the deer found the corn.

Squirrel Heaven

Not a Doe



Two Bucks

Another deer came by that was antlerless. It did not get close enough to tell if it was a doe or a buck that had already shed its antlers.

Antlerless Deer on left

Cold Here

Bluejays in the snow

2013 wound down with a quiet evening at home.

Mark and Wink