Just Because

Meg plans to travel for a while before starting school again in the fall. She likes my SONY point and shoot camera and has adopted as her own. So she will be on the bus to New York with my camera tomorrow. There seems to be a growing consensus from my review critics that Meg takes better pictures than Mark does. So maybe the camera has found a new home. L

This weekend, Meg had two high school friends stop by for a visit. They had fun seeing the sights in Newmarket and getting a couple of home cooked meals.


Three Amigos (rolling party)

This is our first spring on Moody point. The neighbors say we are going to love it. This week, we have seen the juvenile eagle and four wild turkeys. There are also kayakers out on the bay. Andrew canít wait to get out. Meg has been busy getting some spring photos for your enjoyment.


Time to boogie


Megís Buddy, Mr. Robin

Stalking Mr. Robin

Nowhere to hide



Mine, All Mine

Slight Disagreement

Be Mine



I Object


All for now:

Mark, Wink and Meg