Itís June

June snuck up on me. Time flies when you are having fun. We are still trying to catch our first fish since we moved to New Hampshire. We have been out four or five times since the dock got put in but so far we havenít even had a bite. There are a lot of people fishing up by the dam in Newmarket and Andrew can watch them from his window. Andrew can see bait fish jumping but has yet to see someone catch a fish. The only evidence we have that there might be fish in the Lamprey River is anecdotal. We watched some people fishing and they claimed someone caught a fish just before we got there. We did not see the fish.

Andrew and I paddled across the bay to the railroad bridge over the Squamscott River. We used a plug shaped like a mackerel. We spent a couple hours casting the plug during the changing tide, to no avail. It was windy and I didnít have good control over my casting. I tried to pitch it under the bridge and hit the bridge. I caught eel grass and a piling. Andrew was thankful I didnít catch him and he mostly stayed a respectful distance from me. It was a pleasant afternoon.

Fishing Kayak and Railroad Bridge

Mackerel Plug

Mark Fishing

Andrew Fishing

Paddle Home

It was a very pleasant afternoon. We went fishing with cut bait on Sunday. We used frozen mackerel with two ounce weights and a balloon bobber. I paddled into Newmarket to meet Andrew and we fished just downstream of the dam. There was a Smutty Nose Brewery event near the dam and they had live music. So we got serenaded while we were fishing. There were at least five other boats fishing in the river and four different groups of people casting from shore. We fished for four hours and didnít get a bite. I put a big chunk of mackerel on and floated from the dam to the mouth of the Lamprey with no result. There were bait fish jumping nears us. We would have taken the cut bait to the Squamscott bridge today but the weather is uncertain. We will try again later in the week.

We see a lot of boats on the bay. Here are two fly fishermen that didnít fare any better than we did.

Fly Fishermen (no luck either)

We continue to work on the yard. For Fatherís Day I got a bird bath for the near garden. The birds have not started using it yet. Wink likes the two colors in the iris. We donít know how we got a light purple and dark flowers in the same planting.

New Bird Bath

More Back Yard Bird Watching

We continue to enjoy our back yard. Wink finally saw a Baltimore Oriole checking out the hummer feeder and it motivated her to get an Oriole feeder with grape jelly slots and nectar well. So far only the catbird and the finches are using it.

Catbird on new Oriole Feeder



Mute Swans

Great Blue Heron

††††† ††††††††

Dinner Time

Finches on Feeders


Red Squirrel (new to our feeder)

Female Cardinal

Catbird eating jelly and orange

We continue to see the deer and turkeys. There are a lot of songbird calls in the yard. The catbird has a very distinctive call that startled Wink and I until we figured out what it was. It sounds like a big cat.

More rain coming this afternoon and tomorrow. We still have lots of weeding to do and need to find mulch to put down. Always something to do around here.


Mark and Wink