January Freeze

Last year New Hampshire didnít have much of a winter but you canít say that about this year. It is cold here! The Bay froze over and then melted in a thaw. But now we have had eight days solidly below freezing and the Bay is frozen over again. I have seen ice skaters, ice fishing and even a snow mobile on the ice. It is definitely winter here. I took the dog on the shore walk to take some pictures. Andrew suggested taking a series of pictures every month to document the seasons. So here is the January series.

House from shore trail

Frozen Bay

Great Bay Ė Mouth of Lamprey River

Great Bay looking east from Moody Point Dock

Great Bay looking west from Moody Point Dock

Great Bay looking east from Moody Point

You can find the December pictures here. Basically it is the same series of pictures. It is just really cold and we are staying inside and enjoying the fireplace.


Meg has returned to Oregon. Here are some pictures I found on the camera. We miss her already.


Frodo for Meg Ė He misses her

Deer eating Arbor Vitae

Two deer headed to bedding area


Someone asked for pictures of the tide to get a sense of what is going on in the Bay. The tide charts can be found here: http://nh.usharbors.com/monthly-tides/New%20Hampshire/Squamscott%20River.To get a sense of it, I took pictures every half hour from high tide to low tide (outgoing tide) and pieced them together using Microsoft moviemaker with one second for each frame. This creates an mp4 file but my friends were not able to view that format. Andrew suggested uploading the files to Youtube and letting them do the translation. So here are the files. I was not particularly happy with the result, but there are short enough that you wonít waste too much time. The tide was seven and a half feet that day.



One of the problems is that the Bay is frozen so it is hard to see the effect. The other is the weather as it was alternately sunny and cloudy changing the exposure. (I was lazy and used auto exposure.) A further problem is that the days are short and to make this movie both high tide and low tide have to be during daylight. The weather has to cooperate as well. I had a chance to do an open water version but it was too foggy to see the Bay. Before I got a second open water chance, the Bay froze solid again.

High Tide:

Low Tide

Other than that, there is not much news from New Hampshire. It is a balmy 11 degrees Fahrenheit here.

Mark and Wink