Home Alone

I was going to title this blog Whine as I am home alone. Wink and Meg are in Hawaii getting Meg set up for the new school year. She will be studying Marine Biology and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Meg eating shave ice J

The whine was going to be about missing pictures. We had two inches of rain one day and there was a heavy fog in the morning. I spotted a heron on the point but I could not get the camera focused on it. The auto focus just picked up the fog. It was a picture I wanted to get for the blog. I was unable to get a good manual focus so I missed that picture. I also saw the twin fawns and they are growing up and starting to lose their spots. They were gone to cover before I could get the camera. When I was walking Frodo, I saw the baby turkeys and they were much bigger and could already fly but I didnít have a camera with me. My fault but frustrating never the less. So I have missed more pictures than I care to admit. Even so it is time to blog again. End of the whine. The girls are also working hard in Hawaii.

Sunflower Saga IV

We caught Bambette in the Day Lily garden. Here is the video. I donít think she can be responsible for the sunflowers demise as they were eaten bottom up and she clearly eats top down. That doesnít make gardening any easier fdor us if she decides she likes the flowers.

Bambette in Garden

Views of the Bay



Rainbow Reflection

The rainbow was so bright it left a reflection on the water. When I changed rooms to get that picture, the sun started obscuring the rainbow. Just the way it goes sometimes.


New Softballs Video

I just happened to catch a picture of turkey chicks. They must be about one day old. They were in the yard for less than a minute but somehow I got lucky and got the video.

The flowers continue to bloom. Just fun.

Front Walk

Not much news. I take Frodo for a walk every day. The bugs are not too bad and when there is a wind, you donít need bug spray. I fill the bird feeders every day and water as required. There is plenty to do to keep oneself busy around here. Plan to get out on the water soon.