Gardens and Flowers

This is the long promised gardens and flowers blog. As you know, retired people lead a life of leisure in the slow lane and nothing much ever happens around here. This past week, we were having air conditioning installed on the main floor and in the basement bedrooms. We selected a ductless split system by Daikin. It has been hot and humid around here and Andrew’s condo was not air conditioned. His cat, Chief was panting and unhappy so Andrew brought him to our house and confined him to the den. The dog was incensed that we let another animal in his domain, so it made for an interesting week. To further liven things up, Meg ‘Bird Lady’ Moeller was here and getting ready to move to Hawaii. In the down time since the last blog we only took 655 pictures of the events around here. The turkeys have vacated the area and moved to heavy cover to protect their babies. I think this was in part motivated by the hawks that had camped our yard. To keep things interesting a neighbor a few doors down had a bear in the back yard. Fortunately the bear has not made it here yet.

In the last blog I lamented that the critters were eating my blueberries. So I hurried out and picked a few to make blueberry pancakes. I hate to say it, but blue berries you grow yourself really do taste better than store bought berries: Meg picked some more to take to Nancy in New York and also took her a bottle of maple syrup. There are still a few blue berries out there yet to be picked. The lower blueberry garden has yet to ripen.

Mark’s Berries

Blueberry Pancakes

YUM!!!!!! Fresh Blueberries and New Hampshire Maple Syrup


There are quite a few pictures that I want to share so I think I will use the sub blog structure so you only look at the pictures you want to see. There will be the garden sub blog, hummingbird sub blog and ‘Bird Lady’ sub blog.



This picture is the street view of our house. There is a garden to the right of the driveway and flowers planted on both sides of the driveway. The view is to west-southwest. The land slopes down the driveway to the house. On the south side it slopes to the shore. The house is about twenty plus feet above sea level.

Front of House

Garden South Side of Driveway

Gardens North Side of Driveway

Gardens in South Yard

Sunflower and Day Lily Garden

So I started the garden tour in the Day Lily Garden and walked clockwise around the yard taking pictures of flowers as I ambled along. I was lucky I took the pictures when I did because something came along and ate the day lily buds right after they bloomed in the day lily garden. There are six day lily plants with five different varieties. So they should eventually provide a fair amount of color. We planted Shasta Daisies in that garden as well. It will be quite colorful next year. Here is the flower sub blog.


Female Hummingbird (tongue out)

Hummingbird in Monarda

Well it would seem that the hummingbirds frequent the hummingbird garden. We have enough pictures that it warrants a sub blog of its own. Wink is having a great time watching them. Here is the Hummingbird sub blog.

Bird Lady Meg

Meg is in Newmarket for a short while. She is enjoying playing with my new camera. She takes pictures like the film is free. I will share some of her pictures here and more extensively in a sub blog.


Cardinal enjoying a bug

More of Meg’s pictures can be found in the Bird Lady sub blog.

Sunset in Newmarket N.H.

Things should quiet down here next week. Every time I think I am done blogging for a while, something interesting seems to occur. That is it for this blog.

Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg