Garden Auction 2013

The sedum is blooming now so we have a little bit of early fall colour.


Volunteer Mushroom-puffball

Wink’s brother is here for a visit so we made waffles with fruit for breakfast. We are still having fun buying produce at the local farmers markets.

Waffles with fruit-peaches, blueberries, strawberries

New Plants

So we went to the benefit auction at Rolling Green Nursery again this year. We bid on and won two flats of plants. One was a Berries for Birds flat and the other was a Plant Collectors flat. We also got some raspberry plats to plant, so we will be busy for the next week or so getting the new plants into the ground and ready for winter.

Berries for Birds

Raspberries-red and yellow varieties

Plant Collectors Flat


We had quite a bit of rain. Everything has greened up nicely. It seems that a fair amount of the seed planted in the field survived the severe thunderstorm last week. So we will watch it to see how it progresses. In the meantime we have seen Bambette’s mother and her twins, the large turkeys and a young hawk. We have not seen the young turkeys since the field has been replanted.

Bambette’s Mom and her twins

One twin has lost its spots

MOM and Babe

Turkeys in the rain

Turkeys in a soggy yard

Juvenile Hawk

Hawk with dove?

Hawk in Tree

Good day to be a squirrel

Mark and Wink