February 2013

It is cold here and tomorrow we are expecting a blizzard. I will send an update in a few days to let you know we are OK after the blizzard.

In the meantime, I am going to try to convince you we have had a real winter already. We have had a series of snows and thaws and our share of deep freezes. The bay has been frozen over twice and in between we had two inches of rain that washed out the ice. We continue to do our shore walks and I created a separate web page for the scenery pictures: Seasons.

Cold! May I present a dogcicle: The snow was up to his withers and Frodo had hi coat on but the snow collected around his feet.


Snowy Walk

Great Bay from Fire Pond Bridge High Tide

The shore birds were absent from our view when the Bay was frozen and the Bay was snow covered. When there is a thaw and the ice breaks up at the shore they come ashore and feed on the exposed shore grass. It has been a hard time for the shore birds that wintered here.


Huddling for warmth

Geese on shore

More Geese

Because of the cold-cold weather outside, we have been staying inside and enjoying the fireplace. We have burned about 1/3 of the cord of wood we ordered last fall. The whole household gathers in the Living Room to enjoy the warmth.

Enjoying the Fire

Dog and Bird enjoying the warmth

We collected the trail camera pictures and we did learn something new. The baby deer we saw in the brush and has shown up in the current trail cam pictures is a boy!

Baby Boy antler spike

I have a few more scenery pictures to share, but that is about it.

Hawk in the Snow

Dense Fog

Andrew went out to get firewood one night and he encountered four deer. So our deer herd keeps getting bigger. Wink is mad at them because they ate most of the flower buds from the rhododendrons. But they are having a hard time too.

Deer in Snow

Expect an update in a few days, once the blizzard is over.

All for now,

Mark and Wink