Early May Update

So I said I would try to get a better picture of a turkey. We got some pictures in an unexpected fashion. Andrew and I were out fishing in the Kayaks and a turkey flew across the river. I drifted up close to her and got these pictures. (Andrew said he saw a flock on his way to our house tonight.) We didnít catch any fish, but some eagles were screaming at us as we fished.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

We seem to have a pair of ducks that have a nest at the shore in our yard. I take a picture or two every day.

Pair of Ducks

Papa Duck standing watch

Still Standing Watch a week later


The trees are starting to bloom and we went for a shore walk. Wink wanted to share some of the pictures of the trees blooming. Our fruit trees are blooming more and more each day.



Tree Bloom

There were so many dandelions on the shore walk, it was like walking on the Yellow Brick Road. It was amazing. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Shore Walk

Frodo didnít like being on the pitching dock

The Moon

Just Pretty

Spring in New Hampshire

Happy Daffodils and Jonquils


When we bought the house, we knew there was some wood rot that was thought to be limited to the trim. When we finally got around to replacing the trim we found out that it was much more extensive than we thought. The flashing from the deck to the main house had a leak and the wood got wet. Carpenter ants exploited this situation and we ended up with extensive damage to the one main beam of the house. It is being repaired now. Here are a few pictures of the damage. The arbor vita was also too close to the house and helped keep it damp.

Main Beam Rotten

Wood Damage

Another View

Oh My

Completely Rotten

It will be another week before the damage is repaired. Then we need to have the windows worked on and the two we know are rotten replaced. Apparently this is a fairly common problem this close to the shore and we will have to be more vigilant in the future. It would seem however this problem predates our owning the house and one would hope the inspector would have found it before the purchase and sale was complete. L

Meg in NY Update

Meg and Nancy went to see some acrobats.



Meg enjoys baking. She used to make cakes for Friday when I worked at Spirit and she was home. Now she is making cakes for Nancyís work group. Meg was really excited when she found the cake decoration store, I guess she got inspired.

Yum! Cupcakes!

We are expecting a mid-week update from Meg. Apparently she and Nancy had a great weekend.


All for now:

Mark, Wink and Meg (in NY)