Early March

It is early March and we are expecting another storm that should last the next two days. We are expecting three to six inches of heavy wet snow. Last night we had freezing rain and then a dusting of snow. The wind is expected to be 30 mph with gusts to 45 mph. Again the biggest threat is erosion as the tide is expected to be unusually high and the storm is expected to last two days. Here is a picture of todayís high tide and you can see it is over the point and past the signs in our yard. The weather has been dreary as the previous storm was just pushed out to sea by the next one. We have adapted by hanging out in front of the fire in the Living Room.

We get hints of spring. More and more birds are arriving all the time. The air is filled with bird songs when we walk the dog in the morning. Wink says she has seen the ducks pairing up on the beach. Also the grass is turning green as it peaks through the snow. So spring is definitely in the air. Wink has seen some red winged blackbirds as well. Mark bumped into a young possum when getting firewood one night.

Grackels (need to work on my photography)

This hawk is a frequent visitor to our bird feeder. The crows take great exception to him being in their territory. They treed him again and then would make feints at him to make him nervous. When he left, the crows would dive on him to drive him away. The whole spectacle lasted about fifteen minutes.


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Hawk treed by crows

The ice in the river is breaking up and moving with the tides. Here are some pictures of ice flows. The birds tend to use the ice flows as rafts.

Chunk of Ice


Ice Rafts

The eagles have been hanging around as well. It is fun to watch them as they hang out across the river from us.


The deer continue to hang out in the yard as well. I picked up the trail camera memory sticks and we continue to get pictures of the deer as they devastate our landscaping.

Deer from trail camera pictures

I also updated the Seasons pictures. Iíll keep working on improving my picture taking skills. I wish I could get better color in the bird pictures.

We are expecting Meg this weekend, which we expect will liven up our quiet lives a little.

All for now;

Mark and Wink