We hung our suet feeder now that fall is approaching. It is to attract the woodpeckers. It seems to work.

Suet Feeder

We saw the male deer again and wondered what they were doing out in daylight. Frodo took great exception to them and barked loudly scaring them away. However closer inspection of the photos show what they were doing, stealing Mark’s apples. No wonder they ran away…

Stealing Apples



Six Point and Eight Point

We continue to track the turkey families. There are two we see routinely. One has the larger babies and the other has the younger chicks. The older family likes to hang out in Wink’s garden and tend to trample her flowers. Here they are taking a mud bath in the day lily garden.

Baby Turkeys Mud Bath in Wink’s garden

Momma Keeping Watch

Younger Family at Bird Feeder

Mom Standing Watch






This was an attempt to keep you up to date with how the youngsters are faring as autumn approaches. The young turkeys are going to need to put on some weight before fall gets here.


Mark and Wink