Busy Weekend

This is the robin that bangs on our windows. He is busy doing a home improvement project just like we have been. He was a little delayed due to our ant problem.

Robin building nest


Japanese Maple

We purchased a cultivator and worked on our first new garden of this year. We planted the day lilies we bought at the garden sale yesterday. We planted them so we could watch them grow from the kitchen sink as we do the dishes. Wink planted a row of sunflowers behind the day lilies. There were still a considerable number of sumac roots to clear before we could plant the garden. Our muscles are a little sore. We added fresh top soil and peat moss to condition the soil. Wink also added flowers to the hummingbird and butterfly garden. I donít think we are done yet. Will update as it progresses.

New Day Lillies and Sunflower Garden

The female turkey showed up again. It seems like I am seeing double?

Seeing Double

Is it possible to tell them apart?

Body Double

Test: Who is Who?

Mark is off to Grand Rapids, Michigan for four days. The lawn is freshly mowed and we are expecting rain while heís gone. It should help the plants and the grass to continue greening up. It is looking more like summer here.

All for now:

Mark and Wink