Bird Lady (Meg)

Meg has lived in New York, Manhattan since the spring of 2013. As a dad, I would like to offer this advice: If your daughter asks you for haircut input don’t say Butch! So Meg took me literally:

Meg’s Haircut

Meg says this is a very practical haircut. She says it dries on its own almost immediately after a shower. It also doesn’t need to be combed. You can’t muss it or fuss it as it is what it is. Indeed a very practical haircut.

As you know, Meg has absconded with my SONY point and shoot camera. She routinely takes a walk in Central Park to take bird pictures. She is fairly consistent about the time and has become known as the ‘Bird Lady’ of Central Park. I’ll let you decide if this moniker is earned or not: Here is a video of a bird taking a bath……

Bird Bath

Meg’s cousin Margarett got married in Montana early this July. We all traveled to Montana to attend the wedding. Meg went via New York to Las Vegas to Missoula to Anaconda, MT. She brought her SONY point and shoot camera.


Sparrow with wasp nest


Bird protecting Nest

It’s Meg


Bird House

One does not usually associate Montana with surfing, but when there is a will there is a way. Meg observed some Montana surfing:

Surfing 1 and Surfing 2

They also do paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding Montana Style

The weather also welcomed Meg to Montana with a shower. She took a series of pictures of the approaching storm.

Might be rain



Meg at the Wedding

We finally made it to the wedding the day before. Meg had already been there a couple days and helped with set up. There were mountains in Montana.

Mark and Wink at the Wedding

We had a dirt bag from the Sapphire Gallery in Philipsburg MT. We had had it for a while and decided to process it. They soak and screen it and then dump it on a table for you to sort.

Dirt Bag

Meg, Wink, and Lelie Sorting


It wasn’t too bad a result. We got eight and a half carats of gem stones and four carats were worth heat treating. We plan to have the best stone faceted so Wink can replace a stone that she lost from one of her rings. So, all in all , it was a good result.

Moeller’s Wild Kingdom Update

On the home front, we continue to see deer regularly in the yard. We see last year’s fawns maturing. Here is Bambi starting his second year.

Yearling Buck in Velvet

Buck and two does


Doe in Wild Flowers

The day that Meg saw the deer early in the morning, she managed to shoot some video and I decided to share it unedited. It is hard to be alert at five in the morning.

Good Morning Deer

In other news, Meg was admitted as a senior in Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii/ Manoa and she will matriculate in the fall and finish her degree. Wink and Meg will head to Hawaii shortly to take care of her living arrangements.

I still need to update SEASONS and do a flower blog. Don’t hold your breath. We also hope to spend more time on the water. It is summer after all!


Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg