Bird Feeders

So we modified our bird feeding strategy again. We werenít feeding the birds we wanted to attract. We were mostly feeding the aggressive birds like the grackles and red winged black birds. So we eliminated the suet feeder and added a cage to the mixed seed feeder. We replaced the suet with an oriole feeder. Wink can hear the orioles but they havenít found the feeder yet.We also put a hummingbird feeder up on the house. Wink had already seen one hummingbird this year.

Modified Bird Feeder

Red Winged Blackbird


It didnít take twenty-four hours for the hummingbird to find the feeder. We have had at least two feed here so far, a male (shown) and a female. They are very territorial, so we are probably only seeing the same pair.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird


So the wild turkeys have found our bird feeder. We have one hen that we have seen several times over the last three days. But we have also seen a second turkey at the back of the yard while the hen feeds. My impression was that the second turkey was larger than the hen. I have taken 160 pictures of the turkeys over the past two days.

All puffed up

Wild Turkey at bird feeder

We went to the Garden Club perennial sale today and we got ten plants to add to the yard. On the way home from bird watching in Ipswich, we picked up some top soil and peat moss so we can do some planting tomorrow. I will make an effort to document that as well.

We also went to the library book sale and stocked up on summer reading. We have the three season porch in service so we can watch birds as we read.

The wood rot has been repaired and we have the house to ourselves. We still need to get the windows worked on and hopefully that will be completed in September.

It was so hot last year that we have decided to air condition the main floor and basement sleeping areas. That is tentatively scheduled for June and it will be done with split ductless units.

More later:

Mark and Wink