Backyard Bird Watching

Not too much to say, so I will let the pictures do the talking. We have the usual household stuff to do as well as a fair amount of yard work to do. The lawn tractor has a flat tire so I have had to use the walk behind to mow the lawn. All I can say is that it is good exercise to mow the lawn that way. The yard work is almost endless here, but it is also mostly enjoyable. So far as I can tell, only two of our plants failed to make it through the winter. Wink says she is tired of the turkeys marauding through her garden. Now she tries to shoo them off but the turkeys are having none of that. The bottom line is that we donít have to go to any exotic locations for bird watching as we can do it from our porch.

††† ††

Brown Thrasher

Finch (canít tell which one)



Gold Finch


Turkey Hen

Two Jakes and a Tom Turkey (Jakes are juvenile males)

Heron, Duck and Seagull

Mourning Dove in the rain

Andrew and I took the kayaks out and got a few more pictures. I missed more pictures than I took. The water was a little rough and it took me a little time to get the camera on the birds. We enjoyed the paddle. I need to learn to use the waterproof camera better.

Ospreys on a nest

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Canada Geese on a nest

Some of the rhododendrons managed to survive the deer depredations. We now know what color they are. The hummingbirds arenít coming to the hummingbird feeder but Wink has seen them on the rhododendron flowers. I fertilized the blueberries and used the left overs to fertilized the Rhododendrons. Surprisingly most of them seem to be coming back even though they are a favorite deer food.

Survivor Rhododendrons

I also got my double bloodroots planted where I can watch them grow from my office window.

Double Bloodroots

We also have cedar-apple rust, fungus that requires both cedar and apples trees to thrive and we have both. It will likely be hard on our apples next fall. We are not doing anything about it yet. Oh bother.

Cedar Apple Rust

More Cedar Apple Rust

That is about all. Frodo enjoys the sun when it is out.

Frodo for Meg

Mark and Wink