August in New Hampshire

August has been busy for the New Hampshire Moellers. Meg has an apartment in Hawaii with Wink‘s help. Mark spent a week in Michigan getting ready for his fall trip to Rome. This unfortunately meant he missed the Oyster Festival in Newmarket. We heard at the Library that it was perfect weather and that there was really good participation. However we did manage to make it to the League of New Hampshire Craftsman Show. Here is the proof:

League of New Hampshire Craftsman Show


Blacksmith Demo

Woodworking Demo

Raku Demo

Pottery Demo

Sunapee Mountain


Glass Blowing Demo


We had a good time at the craft fair. We spent a lot of time at the Raku Demo and bought a demo tumbler for the hefty price of $11.00. It was not possible to take pictures of the artists’ workmanship but we tried to document the breadth of the fair by the demos. We also enjoyed sitting and listening to a steel drum.


Babies Grow Up

The Softballs are getting bigger

There are still seven of them as of today





Who am I???

Bambette and Twins

Twin in our garden behind the garage!

Baby Deer


Enuf Baby Deer !!

Pre-Fall Foliage

Our fruit trees are laden with goodies for the fall. The squirrels are already going after the crab apples. What they drop is littering the driveway.

Crab Apples



More Apples

Late Day Lily


Arbor Vita – not recovered from last winter’s deer

Our goal for this week is to get back out on the water. Maybe it will provide me something interesting to blog about. We seem to keep busy. I plan to continue blogging.

All for now:

Mark and Wink