Another Birthday J

My birthday is tomorrow, but some friends were in town and we celebrated it in style. I haven’t blogged since Nor’easter Nemo clean up but I keep taking pictures. I keep waiting until I have some sort of story to tell. So here we are with what I think is an interesting story.

I wanted to do the shore walk as soon after the storm as I could. We don’t have any deep snow equipment and it is a chore just to fill the bird feeders, so I was unwilling to tackle the shore walk.

Bird Feeder Trail

 Finally we got a good day and Wink, Frodo and I started the walk. Wink and Frodo made it down to the shore with me. We did it by stepping in snow shoe tracks. The snow shoer must have been about my height as I could easily stay in his tracks but Wink’s stride was too short and she had a lot of trouble. So she turned around at the shore and I continued to complete the update to Seasons.

Deep Snow

This has been a real winter here. The bay is frozen again and there is a fair amount of ice floating around.

Ice Chunks at Low Tide

Salt Marsh at Low Tide

Shore at low tide

The water fowl eat whenever they get a chance. Here they are on shore at low tide.


Water Fowl

Two of my friends from Spirit, Gerry and Joan Holup, stopped by for a visit. It was two days before my birthday but we decided to celebrate early with a Seafood festival. We drove along highway 1a to view the Rye Beach. The weather was cold and blustery but we braved the elements.

Rye Beach

Joan and Gerry

We drove down to Hampton and then back up to Rye. We stopped at Petey’s for lunch. Gerry and Joan shared a fisherman’s platter and I had the broiled platter.

Mmmmmmmm Seafood

We toured the Newmarket/Newfields area after lunch and returned home to relax. Then we went to Warren’s in Kittery Maine for dinner. Joan got a raspberry encrusted salmon, Gerry got a newburg stuffed filet and Mark got the twin lobsters, we were stuffed.



Lobstah – Larry and Louie

Master of Ceremonies – Wink (chicken marsala)

When we got home, we built a fire and chatted into the night. An enjoyable time was had by all.


Might be Eagles

In the past we told you that we had seen eagles chasing seagulls from the house but were too slow to get any evidence. We were watching the tide flow in the river and we saw this guy riding an ice flow. Are you convinced yet?

Riding an ice flow

We could tell on maximum magnification that this guy was an eagle and was an adult due to the white head. We took a lot of pictures but the sun angle kept us from getting conclusive proof that we had eagles at the mouth of the Lamprey River. Caught the eagle perched in a tree today. Might be an eagle…….

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle and Juvenile Eagle

Oh my!

Need better optics

For your enjoyment

We knew we had a coyote, a fox and potential eagles as threats to Frodo. But this seems to be somewhat more than potential eagle and we will have to be careful walking our small dog. Apparently there was a young bear on the East end of Moody point as well.

Oh well, another year older and enjoying living in New Hampshire.


Mark and Wink