Andrew Adopted

Andrew bought a condo in Newmarket and started looking for a companion. He has been adopted by a rescue cat from the shelter in Dover NH. The cat is male and about nine months old and had its first vet check up this morning. Andrew renamed him Chief as he rules the condo. The cat is very tame for a stray. Here are a few pictures. Andrew thinks he has more than a little Maine Coon in him; see what you think from the pictures.

Andrew and I went to two different shelters to find this guy. He was in the shelter with two of his brothers. He is the smallest of the three at 6 ˝ pounds. When he first arrived at the condo he immediately hid under a chair. With some effort (and treats!) we were able to coax him out. Now, Chief is a little skittish around new things or loud noises but is settling in nicely and exploring and playing after just a couple days of getting used to the space. He is adorable and loves being petted. A definite lap cat.


Meg and Chief

Cat Fishing (One of Mark’s Favorites)


Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg