2013 Blizzard

I am going to start by saying we were very fortunate. We did not lose power during the storm and even though there were high winds, it was so cold that the snow was light and did not stick to surfaces. Also the bay was frozen and it deterred wave formation on the bay. Coastal cities were not so lucky. Even so it was a tough night and it took a day to clear the driveway. Tomorrow we tackle the decks. It is not clear how much snow we got but it is up to my thighs when I fill the bird feeders. I suspect we got at least two feet. But I will let the humble reader decide for themselves.

Frodo at master bedroom doorway to deck

It would be hard to pretend that our dog was happy at the situation. When we tried to take him for his walk Saturday morning, all he would do is try to return to the house. By the time we tackled walking him, the street was already plowed but we didnít have a clear path to it. We cleared a walkway from the garage to the street and he was able to take care of business. I would guess that snow well over his head is not one of his favorite things. It canít be that bad, can it?

View from the den

Yes it can!

View from the Living Room

OK, we got his leash on him and out the garage door. From a dogs view, things donít look that promising. Now would you be willing to poop in that?

No and #%#@ No

I would like to introduce the little engine that could, a toro snow blower which looked more like a toy in this stuff. The snow was so deep that we had to make more than two passes with our snow blower. We cleared the driveway twice Friday night but the hurricane winds just filled it in. But we got it done and we can get out the driveway.

Oh my, so much snow

Looks like werk!

High tide local was at noon. Even by our standards, it was impressive.

High Tide

Birds in Blizzard

It might be cold

I have plans to update Seasons, but it was so difficult to fill the bird feeders that I may wait a day or two to venture to the shore.

Wink and I are well and we have access to the local streets. It was a weather event. Pictures of our clean up later.


All for now, love,

Mark and Wink