We had four inches of snow followed by freezing rain. The following morning we decided to take the dog for a walk along the shore. The rain provided a crust that would support the ten pound dog but it was hard walking for a human.


Trees with Ice

Story in the Snow

Geese on the Bay

Great Bay East of Moody Point Shore Walk

Moody Point Fire Pond

It was a very pleasant walk. As we were on the East end of Moody Point we saw an Eagle. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with the camera for a picture.

When we were eating breakfast, a hawk caught a finch in our yard and landed just outside the window. Wink and Meg were watching as four crows tried to take it away from him. They called for me to get the camera but before I could get a picture the meter reader drove down the driveway and scared the birds off.


All for now:

Mark and Wink