Mark and Winkís New Hampshire Adventure

We have been in our house with furniture a little over three weeks and seem to keep finding things we need to do. It is nearly endless. Right now the dishwasher is leaking onto the kitchen floor and seeping a bit into the basement as well. We have a service call in and someone will come look at it Monday. We have made big progress unpacking boxes but have reached the point where we are running out of space to put everything. It has been hot and humid here with no rain for the past ten days or so. There is a watering ban, so we canít turn on the sprinklers, however we can water with the hose and we have been watering the new flowers. The greenhead flies are out and they can bite even through clothing. So if you are going to be outside, it is necessary to put on insect repellent with DEET but that doesnít always work.

The first time we went out in the Bay we tried to do too much and capsized the canoe. This week we braved the Bay again with the intent to simply explore. We paddled up past the house and into the Lamprey River on an incoming tide. Wink took a couple of pictures as we went past the house. Andrew put DEET on and I didnít as I expected distance and wind to deter the flies. Andrew was right and I suffered. The flies would settle to the bottom of the canoe to stay out of the wind and torment us.


Andrew and Mark Canoeing


Canoeing the Lamprey River

We were out on the river for about an hour, making it most of the way to town but we turned around because we were uncertain how hard it would be to paddle against the wind and the tide. It wasnít as bad as we feared so we can easily go farther next time. It was a hot day. It was about five PM and not quite full sun and it was hot. We headed to the west edge of the river to take advantage of the shade. We spooked one great blue heron. The predominant bird we saw was the cormorant. It was easy to tell who was dominant as they tended to get the premier perch on the buoys with the young ones swimming nearby in the river. We also spooked some small ducks from the marsh at the riverís edge. Are there wood ducks out here, because from the glimpse I got that is what I thought they were. We also saw a smaller heron fishing the marsh edge. Happily we also managed to get back to the dock without taking a swim. I need to get a waterproof camera to get pictures for the next blog. I am told if we paddle East and then up the Lubberland Creek, we should be able to see nesting Ospreys. So this is on the agenda for the near future.

Andrew did some fishing research. The Bay is too warm in the summer to fish for the big fish. Also most people donít try to anchor, they just float fish. Right now there are mostly flat fish in the bay. I plan to try to fish for them from the dock with sandworms on the bottom, fishing an incoming tide while sitting in a chair and enjoying the scenery and a wine cooler!


One of the striking things about the Bay is its beautiful scenery as it is constantly changing. Wink and I have to pinch ourselves to make sure that this isnít a dream. Wink thinks it is a perfect opportunity for an artist. In fact we saw one painting at the boat landing yesterday.


Fog at low tide




Double Rainbow


Blue of the sky


Sunset and the light is so soft and pink

Sunset er ;DSC01265.JPG


More Flowers





Last Rose of the Season


Driveway Entry North Side


South Side of Driveway




Flowers-a garter snake lives in the rocks!

Garden a graDSC01313.JPG

New Flowers


End of Flower Pictures



Mark and Wink