Time for an Update

I am overdue for an update. Last week I went to New York City for an acoustics conference, InterNoise 2012. There were about 1000 noise papers with 1400 participants. The people were roughly evenly split between Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. I had a paper there: ďWall Pressure Phase Velocity Measurements in a Turbulent Boundary Layer.Ē During my stay in New York, Nancy was gracious enough to host me. I was there from Saturday to Thursday. I had some quality time with Nancy but mostly I attended conference events and networked. The Iraqi kitties took until it was almost time for me to return to New Hampshire to get used to having a stranger around!

Sunday morning Nancy and I went for a walk and incidentally fed the squirrels. Last year the oak trees didnít produce enough acorns and the squirrel population in the affected areas crashed. Kind hearted Nancy tried to rescue as many squirrels as possible.


Nancy with Squirrel Food (peanuts)



Squirrels and Clean Up Crew

I have to admit that visiting New York City took me out of my comfort zone. The conference was held in the New York Marriott Marquis. It was too far from Nancyís apartment to walk, so I got to learn how to take the subway. Nancy was king enough to show me the way Saturday night. We went to Chinatown for dinner and it was quite an adventure. I didnít take any pictures of that but it is a story in and of itself. We had a hard time finding the restaurant but it was highly recommended by some foodie friends of Nancy. When we got there it was full of a wedding party. There were also a few Chinese families there. The food was very good and we had a nice chat. Chinatown was crowded and full of strange foods and smells. There were fish markets reminiscent of Pikes Place in Seattle. It was definitely a quality experience.


Marriott Marquis


Times Square at a quiet time

I am just not used to being among that many people. I would take the subway downtown in the morning and uptown in the evening. There was only one change and that was due to taking an express train and switching to a local. I spent much of my time people watching. The subways were generally busy. It was definitely on the fringe of my comfort zone.

I was surprised at how many people I knew at the conference. There were quite a few people I worked with in the past. I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with my old friends. It is hard to judge how my paper was received as it tended to be a fluid mechanics paper with acoustic implications. But I was glad to be there to meet up with old friends.

Wink said Verdi missed me but he got some quality time in spite of my being gone.



The hydrangea were blooming in the driveway and were a fine welcome home.


There are a lot of framerís markets and farm stand in the area. This time of the year there is a cornucopia of fresh produce to be sampled. Wink has been having fun trying various tomato varieties. We have fun creating meals with the fresh produce.


Fun at the Farmers Markets


Super Nachos and Sangria

Bagel Sandwich for Breakfast


Who am I?


Juvenile Hawk

We failed to identify the species of this juvenile hawk. I guess we need to get a better bird book. He hung around and preened which gave us a good chance to get pictures of him.

It was good to visit New York, present a paper and have quality time with Nancy but I was happy to get home.



Mark and Wink