Fall is a busy time in the NH Moeller household. We took a break for Meg’s visit the week before last. Now we have some yahd work to do and fortunately we got some new toys for Mark, a 1993 Toro 416-H garden tractor with a snow blower attachment that had only 800 hours of service time. It is all about the toys. I guess there is a distinction between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor. It is possible to get a tiller and plow and wagon attachments for it as well, therefore it is a garden tractor. Who knew?

Garden Tractor

Monster Snow Blower and bucket of tire chains

I was told this snow machine could throw the snow up to 85 feet. Would the neighbors figure out where it came from?! There are videos on Youtube that seem to demonstrate this capability.

There was one more thing that Wink wanted before weather arrived, it was a backup generator. We have been warned that the power goes out here and last October there was a huge blizzard. The house has an electrical patch panel in the basement with a hook up in the garage. We have a 1000 watt portable generator which the Yamadas gave us when they returned to Japan but it is too small to run this house. We checked Consumer Reports online and acquired one of their preferred generators.

Troy-Bilt Generator

Bush Trimming (with a break to talk to Meg on the phone)

We uncovered a rock!

Nice to have a truck! Off to the dump.

Displaced Resident (lucky Andrew spied it while loading the branches)

True Colors

Next week we have a stump grinder coming in for a day. We have more work to do than we can manage. Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be rainy so we can concentrate on interior work. Never knew retirement would be so busy!

All for now,

Love, Mark, Wink and Andrew