Text Box: New Trees

New Trees

Siting New Trees

Planting Trees

Checking Out New Trees

Mom and Baby

Meg Visit

Blueberry and Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Ah Pancakes!


Blueberry with Maple Syrup and C-C with Whipped Cream (and candy corn in some cases)

New Garage Door

Text Box: Dover Irish Festival

We went to the Dover Irish Festival last weekend. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was really a one stage affair. There was one music venue at a time and Irish dance between acts. But they did have one important thing……………

Ah Guinness!

They had a few food wagons and other vendors as well. The day was cold and blustery but there were no warm drinks available.

Food Court


Irish Dance

Screaming Orphans




We got a slight clearing in the weather and thought we’d take advantage of it and get out on the bay. So we loaded up and headed out.


We were prepared to launch 3 kayaks and a canoe with the intent of paddling to Newmarket for lunch. This was a pipe dream as when we got there the water was fairly rough and in fact too rough to launch the canoe. So we got the kayaks on the bay. Andrew was in the fishing kayak, aka the sit on top ocean kayak. When his kayak breached, which it did often, it sent spouts of water up the scupper holes into the air. Once the kayaks cleared the bay and into the river mouth, the conditions were much better, but even so we didn’t brave the canoe.


Rough Water

Sit On Fishing Kayak

Text Box: OCEANThe weather stayed dreary for much of Meg’s visit and she wanted to put her toes in the Atlantic Ocean so we headed to Hampton Beach.

Hampton Beach



Quiet Beach

Text Box: Herons


Four Herons at Dusk

Autumn Color




My ex-coworker, Rory requested some Fall Colour pictures. Meg was here for a visit and she wanted to see the Chalet and visit Littleton NH. So we made a day trip of it with the intent of getting some pictures of peak color.  We got up at six and drove up to Sugar Hill and got breakfast at Polly’s. There was mist and heavy fog for the drive up but after breakfast the fog began to burn off and it turned into a beautiful day. So we were able to collect the pictures for this blog. The peak color is just past in these pictures.

Church Where Mark and Wink Were Wed

View from the Chalet toward Sugar Hill

Looking East from the chalet

We went to Littleton after a quick visit to the Chalet stopping at the candy store, bookstore, quilt shop and League of New Hampshire Craft shop. The candy store boasts the longest candy counter in the world. I got a sampling of all the licorice that they offer with the intent to stock up on what I liked best. They had ten or twelve different licorices but I liked them all even though they were sometimes subtly different and some starkly different. Because I failed to choose a winner, I didn’t stock up. Wink and Meg made up for it by buying out the candy store and filling the car with fudge. 

After the shopping ordeal we leisurely headed home by the scenic route. This took us South to Lincoln and the over the Kancamagnus Highway to Conway and then home from there. In all it was a twelve hour trip, but the views were spectacular. The traffic headed North for the long weekend was incredible. We were glad we were driving South instead.

Kancamagnus Highway


Beautiful Drive

Mark Driving






Meg and friend were here for a visit and a lobster dinner was requested. So we went to visit Wink’s mom in the morning and stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Meg agonized over the selection of live lobsters but she finally found two that were suitable. It was a blustery night outside so we did the cooking in the kitchen to stay out of the weather. The menu was surf and turf!

Blustery Night

Lobster Twins and Drawn Butter


And Turf


Text Box: Sunrise Paddle



Andrew wanted to get some late season paddling in and the weather has been poor until this weekend. So the weather is good but high tide was at six on Saturday and seven on Sunday. As a result we have gone for sunrise paddles the last two mornings. There are duck hunters on the bay and they shoo us away when we get too near them. For the past week we have had gun shots to wake up to early every day. There are a lot of ducks and Canadian geese on the bay.

Walk to the Dock

Sunday Sunrise

Off to Paddle

Beautiful Morning

Mark, Meg and Andrew went for a paddle while Wink and Frodo went for a long walk. Then we planned to meet for breakfast. Today we made a frittata.

Turkey Sausage, Green Beans, Corn, Boiled Potatoes, Spinach and Onion in a Skillet

Add Eggs and Cheese

Broil and Serve

After breakfast we relaxed for a while and then Andrew, Meg and Mark went for a bike ride. This time we went to town and stopped at the heron sanctuary on the way home. This afternoon looks like yard work as long as it doesn’t rain. Meg leaves tomorrow so she needs to pack and finish projects. It has been a fun week and we’ll miss her. Back to reality for all, sigh.


Mark, Wink, Andrew and Meg