Thanksgiving 2012

It was a low key Thanksgiving at the Moeller Household this year. We invited Wink’s Mom and Ruth Hawkensen, a high school friend, and her daughter, Elana, for a total of six people. Wink’s mom got a cold and decided not to attend so we ended up with just five people to share the turkey. Wink worked hard getting it ready. We got the boxes off the main floor-about time after living here for six months! What enabled us to do this was that we moved the extra stuff from the storage room in Portsmouth to one in Newmarket, which is much closer to the house. And we consolidated it with excess junk from the house.

We also hung our first painting in the dining room. Hanging pictures is one of Mark’s favorite things. So we are clearing the decks for the holidays. Wink was frustrated with the lack of work inside the house, but now it is finally starting to feel more like our home.

The Chef making gravy while Ruth washed dishes

Yummy herb turkey stuffed with orange, lemon, and onion

We had the main courses of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash and cranberry sauce. We took a break after the feast and went for a shoreline walk prior to dessert, which was pie and ice cream.

Pie – mmmmmmmmmmm!

It is December first here now and the weather is becoming more winter-like all the time. We had dense fog earlier this week and this is our second snow of the season. The tides still seem higher than what we experienced this summer. We will try to get more information on that.



Point Awash with Ducks

We threw some stale bread on the lawn for the critters. The crows attacked it. They started by stalking up to the bread. Then they pecked it to make sure it was dead! Finally they flew off with it sharing it with other crows. It was quite a spectacle.


Crows getting bread

The feeders remain popular with the birds. We have seen over seventeen different types of birds including four different woodpeckers.

Bird Feeder

Mourning Dove

Woodpecker on Suet

Mark ordered himself a Christmas present. It is another upgrade in Optics for the blog. I couldn’t resist a deal on Amazon that saved me 40% of the list price. Looking forward to improved picture quality for the blog. It is an 18.2 megapixel digital camera with 20X optical zoom and good image stabilization. It is supposed to autofocus quicker. This should improve several aspects of my photography including sharper images and better depth of field and color. Or at least that is my intent.

Andrew is building Meg a computer. Here are the components. It should be up and running by the end of the week.

Computer Build for Meg


All for now,

Mark and Wink