We are about to be visited by Hurricane Sandy like the rest of the Eastern Seaboard. Since we had planted two raised gardens we didnít want to have them washed out by Hurricane Sandy. We have had four days to prepare for the hurricane. It would take a long time to describe my aches and pains, but I will let you be the judge. We finally got the stone for edging the gardens.

Material for Edging the Gardens (you might say I am stoned)

There was quite a mix in sizes of the stones. This is granite that we got cheap from a road project that was blasted out of a ledge. We were supposed to get screened rock that would be small enough for me to lift. I guess they thought I was superman? Did you know stone is really heavy?

Oh My where to begin?!

We decided to tackle the blueberry garden first. It took two of our four days to do this one!

Blueberry Garden Edged and Mulched


The next step was to work on the Hummingbird and Butterfly garden. We got help from Jim Moore for this one. It was twice as big as the blueberry garden.

In Progress

Both the wagon and wheel barrow developed flat tires L

Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden

Rock Pile current

Woodpecker visitor while Wink was washing dishes

Mark on tractor

Mowing-Yee Haw!

We have two cars in the garage and moved the grill to the screened porch. The plants are moved to the lee side of the house. We replaced the screens in the porch with glass. The generator is ready to be hooked up. We got bottled water and canned food and are hunkering down awaiting Sandyís visit. I will try to get some pictures and post an update at the end of the week.


All for now, love,

Mark, Wink and Andrew