Spring Tide

I learned something today. I thought an unusually high tide was called a Moon Tide but this is not so, it is called a Spring Tide according to Wikipedia. This is not related to the seasons but to the relative phase of the moon and the sun. When the tidal forces of the moon and sun pull in the same direction they reinforce each other and the tides are higher than usual. Add a low pressure system due to a storm and you get a result something like this:

Spring Tide

Sorry about the raindrops on the lens, the weather was not cooperating. It was altogether an impressive tide and a couple hundred feet of waterfront disappeared. The opposite bank of the river was completely flooded. Wow!

Spring Tide, 24 hours later

Another Picture

Ducks at Sunrise

Colour for Rory

More Colour

More Colour

We did more yard work today and cut back the bushes on the left hand side of the driveway. Just like the right hand side there was a landscape feature that had been obscured by the overgrown bushes.

Yard Work another rock uncovered

Right Hand Side of Driveway

I keep taking pictures from the den window. My goal is to eventually take the spotting scope/camera out at low tide and get some close up pictures. I have not done that yet but my intentions still lean in that direction. The bugs have tended to deter me. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Heron Fishing with cormorants

Eating the Catch

Unidentified Shore Bird

Blue Heron stalking frogs

Mark and Wink are still keeping busy in retirement. This week we will continue to work outdoors. We expect the stump grinder to come and I will blog for your ongoing enjoyment of our travails.

All for now;

Mark and Wink