Hurricane Sandy 2012, Newmarket NH

We survived Hurricane Sandy relatively intact. We didnít lose power during the storm but half of Newmarket is still without power the morning after the storm. I think the peak wind gust around here was only 65 miles per hour with sustained winds peaking around 45. There are a few trees down in the neighborhood but fortunately none of ours came down in this storm. I would say that our most serious problem was erosion. The tide was very high and there were wind driven rains. The tide is still unusually high even the day after the storm. The peak winds and damaging tide were around midnight last night and we couldnít get any pictures of that. I do have a few pictures during high tide as Sandy approached landfall.

The Incredible Shrinking Yard

When I walked the dog in the morning I could hear branches breaking from the dead tree at the west end of our yard. The storm was hard on the wild life. The wind played havoc with the squirrel nests. We saw two turkeys on the road. It seems their flock was dispersed and it will take some time to reform. The migrating birds had a hard time as well.

Canadian Geese

Bouncing in the waves

Point Awash

Ducks in our yard

Riding Out the Storm

Raining so hard you canít see the bay

The wind was really howling and there was the uncertainty of how it would turn out. It was a bit unnerving but we survived with minimal damage not counting the erosion problem.

We are in good shape. The gardens survived the storm so maybe all that prep work was worth it.


All for now.

Mark, Wink and Andrew