Party Wagon

We have been in New Hampshire for a month now and are gradually settling in. A significant right/obligation is to transition from Kansas to New Hampshire licenses and registrations. Kansas was kind enough to send us mail informing us we had been removed from the voting roles, so Big Brother is watching you at least if you live in Kansas. New Hampshire does not make the transition easy as we had to make three separate stops to register the car, get new drivers licenses and register to vote. The process was onerous but the clerks were all pleasant to us. We got Mark and Wink taken care of this week, although we still need to get the cars inspected. Andrew is up next week.

DSC01327.JPG DSC01331.JPG

New Plates for Mark’s Truck

DSC01328.JPG DSC01332.JPG

New Plates for Wink’s SUV

One of the onerous chores awaiting us is the replacement of the roof. We have a roofing company selected but Wink is having a hard time selecting the color of the tiles. As you can see in the next picture that the old roof is crumbling. The tile pattern on the left has too much green in it according to Wink. The current roof is only fourteen years old and probably was a thirty year roof that just didn’t make it.


Crumbling Roof and Tile Color Selection

We finally got a nice day to get outside and work on the landscaping. The weather was cool and the flies were not too bad. So Wink decided we needed to get after some of the weeds, some of which were taller than she is.

DSC01335.JPG DSC01334.JPG


Overgrown We found a pretty evergreen behind here that we hadn’t even seen yet!


What is this guy? I guess it has purple berries?


It’s a start.


Cleanish Garage with Party Wagon

The homeowners association has a BYOB gathering every Friday from 5:00 PM til 7:00 PM. This is a big change from the ‘Quest’ in Wichita, this one involves BOOZE! We decided we needed a wagon to transport stuff from our house to the dock for both the BYOB and the canoeing adventures and a garden wagon looked like it fit the bill. It worked well in its maiden voyage, carrying the party essentials.

DSC01349.JPG DSC01350.JPG

Party Wagon


Frozen Margaritas, chips and salsa

They did you proud Wichita as the people here managed to polish off most of the fifth of Jose Cuervo and all of the chips. It was a very pleasant evening with an onshore breeze. A truly great way to close out the week.


View of the Bay From The Point

We are settling in and getting to know the neighbors. The house is coming along but progress is slow.


Mark and Wink