Party Wagon II



We have had a couple os good rains and we are expecting rain tomorrow. Our landscaping and yard really appreciate it. I didnít accomplish as much as I had hoped but we continue to muddle along. We move forward and we have our setbacks. Wink is frustrated that we arenít making the progress that we wished, but we are gradually crawling out from under the boxes. I made two trips to the waste transfer station today and got rid of even more boxes.

Friday was another block party at the point! We had visions of making our Lemon Drop Martiniís and offering horídeurves suitable to the occasion but we ran out of time. The fall back was to carve half a watermelon and this turned out to be a good choice as it was very ripe and juicy. Tasty sweet. The weather was threatening and we were late but the second ones there. It turned out well as the other residents trickled in.


Party Wagon II


Lemon Drop Martinis, Shaken Not Stirred

We originally brought a bottle of wine. Then tried wine spritzers and upped the ante to Margaritas with this weekís contribution being Lemon Drop Martiniís. Most people seem to strictly adhere to BYOB and do not cross pollinate. Whereís the adventure in that, I ask you? It makes it easier for us in the future but it diminishes the possibilities. The watermelon was fabulous and the conversation was fruitful. The conversation ranged from environmental restrictions to how to get to New York City. I learned a lot. The scenery also did not disappoint.


Beautiful Friday Night

Markís old camera, a 3.1 megapixel point and shoot camera met its demise in our fishing adventures and could not be resurrected. It ended up in todayís trash. It was necessary to replace it with something that could survive the vicissitudes of fate, such as an unintended swimming episode.The solution to this problem is a Panasonic 16.1 megapixel Lumix underwater camera with a floatation collar incase it decides to go swimming. I wanted to get out and get pictures of the Ospreys feeding their young for your reading enjoyment, but that has not happened yet. However the juvenile heron returned. So here it is at 16.2 megapixels!


Juvenile Black Capped Night Heron


Juvenile Green Heron?

I donít know which one is right. I am leaning toward the Juvenile Black Capped Night Heron but the juvenile green heron is also a possibility. The bird watching potential is amazing here. We watched fly catchers one afternoon but they were too fast for me to get good pictures.


We said we were looking forward to updating our optics with blogging in mind. There were significant compromises to be made. The determining factor was the distances involved. The water is about 500 feet from the house with the river being 500 feet further across and the bay being another 1000 feet from there. So there is a spotting scope with an integrated 5 megapixel camera with a 45x magnification. The camera is only 22x magnification but it has a 4x digital zoom. The reviews for this piece of hardware were mixed but it seemed well suited to our needs. In spite of its limitations as a birding scope we bought it because its limitations were not critical to our planned use. One limitation is its tripod was poor but we already had a suitable replacement. Unfortunately our tripod broke when we mounted the camera to it, call it Kismet. So we are in search of a new tripod. So here it is, the Bushnell ImageView Spotting Scope.


Bushnell ImageView Spotting Scope

We have a lot to learn. You canít see out the optics in the camera mode and the LCD screen seems inadequate. So this seems to operate like a sniper as you need a second observer with an independent spotting scope to tell you when to pull the trigger. With the tripod as delivered (due to our equipment failure) the scope was very susceptible to ambient vibration. I got quite a few substandard images due to vibration and subject motion. The solutions seems to be Practice, Practice, Practice and take lots of pictures hoping for a good one. Right now it is hit or miss but there is hope for the future. It does seem to do what we want as Andrew can read the No Wake sign across the river right down to the fine print of the city ordinance from out deck.


Adult Heron at 500 ft with 22x magnification

b1 (5).JPG

Gone Fishing


The roofers are scheduled to start Monday and I need to get the grass mowed. We are working hard to get the truck into the garage to get it out of the way before the roofers start. This has tended to limit our birding activities. There was heavy fog this morning and you could not see the water from the porch. Wink walked the dog and fed the mosquitoes.




Feeding Mosquitoes

That bout all for today.

Settling in to retirement.


Mark and Wink