Not Much News

Well, this is not strictly true. We have had an eventful 2012. I have a tremendous backlog of blogging to do. I just never seem to get around to it.

News: I retired from Spirit AeroSystems on June 7, 2012. We sold our house in Wichita Kansas on June 15, 2012. Then we drove from Wichita to New Hampshire over the weekend and bought a new house on Moody Point in Newmarket on June 18, 2012. The movers came the following Thursday and Friday. I will try to post some pictures to catch up the blog.

The move was really hard on Frodo and Verdi. There were strange people in their house. The house was packed up and they moved to a motel. Then they spent four days in the car with a different hotel room every night. Even when we arrived in New Hampshire there were still three days in a hotel in Durham until the furniture was delivered.

They were starting to adjust when our furniture was delivered. Verdi was put in his own cage and Frodo got to sleep on the bed he was used to. Frodo was getting used to the idea that the new yard was his. This yard isnít fenced but it is bounded by dense vegetation.

Frodo was happy to have a new home. He was showing his exuberance by running around the new yard. He was very happy. He had been to a local vet and gotten a Lyme disease shot and his allergy shot. One day when he was running around the yard he took a tumble and came up lame. We were all watching him and he fell hard and remained down for awhile. When he got up he would not use his right rear leg. We took him to the vet the next morning. He had ruptured his acl (anterior cruciate ligament). We were referred to an emergency veterinary hospital. We took him in for a consultation and left him to have surgery to repair the acl last Friday.

We are a week post surgery now. Things have calmed down considerably. I think they released him from the vet hospital too early. We had a very hard time establishing a water and food routine. We could only get water into him by letting him lick ice cubes. He finally got hungry enough to eat after a couple days. But when he did eat, he threw it all up the same night. We took him back to the vet and got medicine to quiet his stomach. Still had trouble getting him to eat. The vets said it was important to get him to eat. They suggested boiled hamburg and baked potatoes. Right now that is all he will eat.

During the first five days we iced his leg two to three times a day. Now we do massage, heat therapy and physical therapy before icing it. The bird is so jealous of the attention the dog is getting that he is acting up. Guess thatís life.


Resting Easy


Surgical Wound


Wink and Frodo after planting and weeding

Here is a link to the new home. It is a secluded contemporary on about four and one half acres at Moody Point. The water in the view is the Lamprey river and it is a tidal mud flat. The tide is about seven feet here. Our moving in and unpacking took a little set back when the dog got injured. He requires one persons attention almost full time. If we arenít watching him we have to put a collar on him so he wonít bother his stitches and pins. It is hot wearing the c ollarÖ So we still have boxes everywhere.

Yesterday I got the yard mowed for the first time. It took a little more than two hours to mow. I donít have the trim equipment unpacked yet and so havenít started that. Andrew thought the mowing patterns were interesting. So here are some pictures.


Mowing Pattern


More Mowing Patterns

The yard is very convoluted. There is a lot of ornamental vegetation and paths surrounding the house. I will have to mow it again next Monday. Mowing does put one in touch with the land. I found a large rabbit nest in the yard. It was unoccupied when the mower went over it.

Men mark their territory. I guess Wink has a territorial imperative as well. She has to make the landscaping her own. My guess it was little neglected this year. We are working on it in the mornings when it is cool. We got started.


Start of Compost Pile


New Flowers Ė Colour at the back of yard- but will the deer eat the flowers?




Room for more flowers!


Really cool new petunia variety


Hanging Flower Basket for the covered porch


A matching hanging Flower Basket


More Flowers


A good start- herbs and f lowers

I have been so busy with the new house that I havenít even noticed that I am retired but Iím getting used to it and have plans to fish and explore by canoe this weekend J

More later.


Mark and Wink