Nancy's Visit

Nancy graciously agreed to spend Labor Day weekend with us in Newmarket. It is our goal to add ten pounds to her frame before she returns to New York. It is up to the Genteel reader to decide if our efforts were sufficient. Nancy took the C&J Bus from NYNY to Portsmouth NH Saturday morning expecting to arrive at 1:00 PM local in New Hampshire.  It didn’t quite work out that way as she was delayed for about 40 minutes around Hartford Ct. I got her at the bus stop and fed her sandwiches


Nancy got a short tour of the house and she decided it was fabulously adequate. We started the visit with a short walk for her to see Moody point. Frodo joined us on the walk.


Nancy on a walk with Frodo


Dubious Dog

Wink visited her mother Saturday afternoon. When Wink returned home we went on a quest for the New York Dockmaster to aid us in acquiring a fishing Kayak. We got an advertisement saying that the Kittery Trading Post was having a clearance sale on Kayaks. So we piled into the car and embarked on the quest with buoyed spirits.


Fishing Kayak

There were a bewildering assortment of kayaks in the Kittery Trading Post. The store was endless and the Kayaks spanned multiple floors. We found a sales person (Cheryl) and selected a kayak and all the supporting gear: paddle, life jacket, dry bag and roof rack. Andrew was a big help with his research. After acquiring the Kayak we decided to reward ourselves with a feast. We had a recommended restaurant out in the boonies. It was an adventure navigating there but we couldn’t find anywhere to park so we retreated to an in town restaurant. It turned out OK. Nancy and I ordered Larry. You can see Nancy’s and my plate was similar. We started with an appetizer platter and I was full before dinner arrived; chicken fingers, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms and onion rings.


Preparing for Larry the Lobstah!


Poor Larry

It was a feast. I was fit to burst.


MMM Good

Sunday morning we started with a two mile walk with the dog. Then we had blueberry and coconut pancakes. Nancy did a great job of cooking them. The adventure continued with a shopping trip to acquire dinner. We stopped at a Farm Stand to get corn and vegetables, then a grocery store and finally a fruit and meat shop. Getting dinner was an adventure.

We were running out of time (oh, the tyranny of the tides!) and had to adjust our plans. Instead of an easy launch, we carried the new Kayak down to the communal pier. We launched it and sent Nancy out on the maiden voyage. We paddled up to Newmarket to see the town from the water. (It was awesome! We saw herons and hawks, ducks and cormorants, and small birds. Incredible biodiversity.)


Maiden Voyage (What a privilege! Thanks, Mark.)



Wink and I followed the Kayak in the canoe.



Moeller Homestead

We paused to get a picture of Nancy in front of our house on the way to Newmarket.



Nancy was able to go faster than Wink and I could in the canoe. We struggled to keep up with her.



We finally made it to Newmarket. It was a very pleasant paddle.



Falls and Mill Condos


Guano Rock


Guano Makers


Dinner (with green beans to come)

We have only one more day to fatten her up. Tomorrow we will go on a walk, bird watch, get bait and go fishing.



Mark, Wink and Nancy