Moody Point Winter

We have had a series of weather events. There has been snow, rain and freezing snow. We had snow for Christmas but it got rained out. We then had four inches of snow followed by freezing rain and then six more inches of snow. The only good thing is that it was not all snow as it would have been about twenty-eight inches! As it is we have less than ten inches of snow on the ground. For your viewing enjoyment:


The driving is suitably difficult. Wink took Meg to a doctor’s appointment in the snow and had a very hard time driving because the roads were still not plowed. Andrew nearly slid into the river and says he plans to just stay put during the rest of the winter.


We had to clear the snow as it accumulated. It took three passes with our old snow blower to keep the driveway clear. The freezing rain stuck to the driveway and we allowed the snow to accumulate on it for traction. We finally had to buy a thirty-five pound bucket of snow melt salt.

The bay

180 degree View

It is very pretty but the animals have a hard time. We can see from their tracks where the deer, mice, squirrels, rabbit and fox have been. We took pictures of the tracks. We also got the trail cameras out to set up for future pictures.


The birds have benefited from the bird feeders. A few pictures for your enjoyment.

Cardinals in snow

Just Pretty


Red Head

The waterfowl are having a hard time as the bay is starting to freeze. We are expecting some really cold weather this week and expect to see some ice sheets.

Geese on Beach

Geese on point

Feeding on beach

In echelon

Happy New Year 2013


Mark and Wink