Moeller Xmas 2012

Christmas sort of snuck up on us this year. We are way behind in Xmas preparation. One of the causalities of the move was our yard art. The Bah Humbug sign ended up with two broken welds and Bambi’s blood trail had a broken light. We could not replace the light bulb in the blood trail because that size had been discontinued. Somehow against great adversity we persevered and it may in fact be another ‘Moeller’ Xmas.

Yard Art

It’s Xmas in New Hampshire

Zombie Frostie

We have the fireplace operational and are enjoying the warmth of the hearth.

Keeping Warm

Xmas Tree


Nancy is here for Christmas. She has been a big help getting everything organized.


Meg arrived from Portland and is with us for three weeks.

Meg and Andrew



Moody Point Views

Great Bay – Mouth of the Lamprey River incoming tide

Great Bay – Looking East from Moody Point Dock

Great Bay – Looking West from Moody Point Dock

Great Bay – Looking East from Moody Point

Ducks – new species (white back, black head) to us






More later:

Mark and Wink