Labor Day 2012



Nancy had a good morning surprise. As we cleaned up after the walk she spotted some movement in the yard. This fawn wandered in and bedded down for the day on the edge of our yard. She watched us watching her for awhile, decided we weren’t a threat and lay down. Once she was down we could no longer see her.

We walked the dog early when the tide was about half way out. We walked the nature trail and saw some shore birds. The ospreys were still in their nest. We saw a small flock of Egrets. There were also blue herons and the ever present seagulls.

We made eggs and bagels for breakfast. Once we cleaned up we headed to the tackle store to get Nancy a fishing license and some sand worms for bait. Then we settled on the dock for an afternoon of drowning worms. I would call it fishing but we didn’t catch anything and only had a couple of half hearted bites.


Nancy Fishing (drowning worms)

Nancy doing her best impersonation of Jay – Mark did all the work (baiting the hooks, casting the line), I simply relaxed and held the pole. And had a great time!


Andrew trying the kayak

Andrew joined us on the dock after a bit and took a tour on his dad’s new boat. He wants to get a kayak, too, but maybe a flashier model (a Porsche to his dad’s Ford F150). Woo hoo! I can imagine a race or two in their near future. First one out to the guano rock and back wins!


Andrew fishing

After kayaking, Andrew tried his luck with fishing. We were trying for Winter Flounder (not so successfully) and came away with seaweed snags. There were a few snails caught up in the seaweed – does that count as a catch?


Great Day on the Water

Lovely, lovely day on the water, though. The sun toasted us a bit but the wind kept it from getting too hot. A few of Mark and Wink’s new neighbors launched boats; the dean of the graduate school for the University of New Hampshire and her friend from the business school, as well as Nicholas from GE (an engineer of engines). Kind, welcoming people.



When the wind picked up later in the day, the few sail boats that had been still on the water finally took off. Their patience was rewarded… alas, not for us fisher folks. We packed up empty-handed, settling for grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner after dreaming of freshly caught flounder. Sigh.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Love, Mark, Wink, Andrew & Nancy