Gone Fishin’

Last Sunday, Andrew and I went to the fishing store and got gear and bait to try our luck at fishing. We planned to go out and fish the incoming tide and made sure to prepare a dry bag for our documents and Andrew’s phone. Next we cleaned up the canoe and got it up on the truck.


Canoe on Truck

We drove over to the point to unload the canoe. We secured it front and back with one strap across the truck. I would not have driven it that way at high speed, but to get it to the point at low speed, I considered it to be fine. It was not. It was a bumpy ride out and it slipped when we went downhill. Now the truck has some canoe scuffs on it. Fortunately it was not worse than that. When we got out there the tide was out and the dock was sitting on the mud flat. I drove the truck back home and by the time I walked back to the point, there was enough water to canoe. Andrew was surprised at how quickly the tide moved. We fished the bottom  with sand worms and second line with cut bait. We used a balloon as a bobber with a piece of mackerel as bait. We fished for a couple of hours without a bite. It was hot but pleasant out on the bay.






Moody Point


Our House


Returning to Dock



It was an uneventful fishing trip. We were being blown by the wind back to the dock. It was a very complex environment to fish. The tide was coming in rapidly and would move the bobber upstream if it was set deep enough. There was a cross wind that was building. To complicate that there was the river. We had a hard time managing two poles. We tried to anchor but it dragged on the mud flats. We were not successful in our first attempt to fish. Andrew caught bottom a couple times and lost some bait probably to crabs.  We probably could not have managed a decent sized fish from the canoe. After we stopped fishing and were drifting back to the dock, we inadvertently took a swim. I guess I will admit to significantly misunderestimating the challenge of fishing the Bay. I am not even sure of what happened. Fortunately the only significant thing damaged was my pride. We will have to spend more time exploring the bay and getting familiar with the canoe and environment before we attempt to fish from the canoe again.


 We didn’t move our old grill so needed to buy one here. Our cooking has tended to be grill centered in the summer. We did some research on Consumer Reports and choose the highest rated small grill. There was only one retailer that carried it locally so we took some time off and went and purchased it. It was on sale because of the lateness of the season. So eventually, even I catch a break. So here it is, The Napoleon Terrace Grille.


Napoleon Terrace Grille

I seasoned the grille this morning and Wink shopped for food to grill tonight.


Porterhouse Steak, Shrimp and Teriyaki Chicken



View of the back yard and bay


Frodo is healing nicely




Wine Spritzer, Shrimp, Steak, Grilled Onion and Baked Potato


New  green striped couch


View from New Couch

We are ready for entertaining. Anybody in for a canoe ride? Or just come for a visit.

We are settling in and can actually see the floor in places.  Still a lot of unpacking to do and soon we’ll have to start a cleaning routine.



Mark and Wink