We see hummingbirds frequently and plan to get a hummingbird feeder in the near future. I have not figured out how to get a picture of them. One of the things we need to do is improve our optics and we have a plan in place to do this. The birds have been very cooperative by presenting photo ops for us. I will try to include more pictures in the future. For your viewing enjoyment a Goldfinch pair in the flowers and what we think is a juvenile night heron. 





Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron on balcony- an early am visitor we saw as we were waking up

DSC01372.JPG DSC01385.JPG

For your viewing enjoyment

DSC01388.JPG DSC01376.JPG

Glam shots


We continue to unpack and settle into the house. Endless work to do but we have time. The natural scenery and critters continue to be an enjoyment. Wink loves the clouds at sunset and Mark loves the biodiversity. Frodo’s leg continues to heal and he is enjoying more varied walks. Today we went to the point and around the walking path beside the bay. We still have roads to explore on our bikes and more of the bay to explore by canoe. More later.



Mark and Wink