Home on the Bay


Early Morning View

This is not atypical of our view from the house in the early morning. The bird on the edge is likely a cormorant. The bigger bird in the background may be a heron but I couldn’t say for sure. Wink and I enjoy waking up to the ever changing scenery.

The yard work on the East end of the property went so well we decided to bite the bullet and tackle the West end this year after all. There remains a considerable amount of cleaning up work to do now that some of the brush has been cleared. So here is the yard before the start of the work. The land to be cleared is to the right in the picture. You can see it is overgrown by brush. Again the goal is to clear the invasive species and salvage as much of the native species as practicable.


Yard after East end clearing


In Progress


In Progress


March of the Trees

Wink enjoyed watching the trees march by. It was pretty incredible what this piece of machinery could do.


Brush Pile


Yard Clearing Complete and a New Garden planted to entice butterflies and hummingbirds


West Yard Cleared

One of the problems with clearing the West yard was that the neighbors house was partially visible from our house. Can you imagine anything more terrible than being able to actually see your neighbors? She has chickens and bees and somehow got a rooster. So we can hear her rooster all the time. It does sort of give a rural feel to the homestead.  Andrew suggested getting goats so I wouldn’t have to mow! Not a likely scenario…

We discussed this untenable situation and decided to remedy it by shopping for trees to build a screen between the two houses. We went to two nurseries to shop for trees. The second nursery was hosting a benefit for a local housing charity and had trees on sale as well as a silent auction, wine and food. So we signed up for the auction, drank some wine and bid, bid, bid! We bid on three pallets: a blueberry garden,  butterfly and hummingbird garden and a third pallet of perennials. We ended up winning the butterfly and hummer and blueberry gardens. We also purchased twelve spruce and fir trees to form a  screen which will be delivered and planted on Thursday at 9:00 AM.  We agree in principle where the trees are going but of course the devil is in the details. We also ordered a cord of firewood, ten yards of topsoil and a load of rock to define the gardens and hold the mulch. My back hurts just thinking about it.


Blueberry Garden with neighbor’s house


Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden


Current View


Stacked Firewood – Ready for Winter


Fall Flowers-asters?

We have a busy week ahead. They trees will be delivered and planted Thursday. We’ll get the rock for the edging of the butterfly and hummingbird garden, and blueberry gardens and need mulch.

Meg and her boyfriend will be arriving on Thursday and visiting for a week as well. There is an Irish festival in Dover this weekend and I’m sure we’ll get out on the water weather permitting. Could drive north to see the fall foliage also.

Lots to do but looking forward to it.

Frodo Before Grooming

Frodo After Grooming



Mark and Wink