November Medley

In our continuing effort to tame the yard, we hired someone to remove the stumps left behind from clearing the trees. The intent was to level the back yard enough that the garden tractor could mow without being damaged. It took an entire day to find and remove most of the stumps. This may not be the end of the project but hopefully we are getting close.

Stump Grinding

Winter Storm

Shortly after we got the stumps ground we were visited by the first Nor’easter of the year. We got about two inches of sloppy snow and the tide was quite high again but we suffered no lasting damage. Several ducks and geese gathered at the end of the yard to get out of the wind. The point was awash again.

First Snow

Ducks and Geese Seeking Refuge

Bird Feeders

Wink wanted to set up some bird feeders for the winter. After the snow storm, the weather warmed up melting the snow. That gave us a chance to set up a bird feeding station at the end of the butterfly garden. Now we have a finch feeder (thistle and milled sunflower mix), a suet feeder and a mixed seed feeder. If you bet on how long it would take the birds to find the feeder and bet ‘less that fifteen minutes,’ you are the winner. It would seem that the bird feeders will provide hours of entertainment in the future.

Chickadee on Suet

Finch on Thistle

Four Birds on Mixed Seed

Blue Jay Cleaning Up


This little lady paid us a visit while we were trying to photograph the bird feeders. She spent about two hours sunning and grooming at the back of the yard and then calmly walked up past the house. Frodo didn’t notice her until she got close to the house and then he went berserk. Nothing fazed her and she calmly walked off to the North along the rock wall.

Little Lady

Marking Her Territory

Quilt Show

On Thursday Wink and I went to the Quilters’ Gathering in Manchester NH. I took over four hundred pictures of quilts for Wink. We will post a couple of the favorites. Wink also took a series of pictures.

Wink at the Show

Quilt Show

Wink’s Vote for ‘Best of Show’


One of Jo Diggs’ Seasons

Birds etc.

All is quiet here in New Hampshire.

Mark and Wink