OK so it is true, we have been married thirty-one years. A little birdie greeted us on the happy occasion. We were in the midst of getting the roof replaced and getting ready for a Moeller pilgrimage to Iowa, but we could not allow things to get in the way of a celebration. We started the day with champagne for breakfast.



Anniversary Breakfast


New Roof in Progress


Dumpster, Trailer and Truck

It took a full work week to replace the roof and Wink suffered through all of it. We were lucky and it mostly rained at night after the work had stopped. Mark and Andrew missed the worst of it because they had traveled to Iowa for the Moeller reunion. Wink had to stay behind and deal with Frodo and the roof. The only fuse the workmen blew was the GFI which was on the same circuit as the alarm and the cable for tv. This GFI was unknown to us and it took a cable guy to find it …


New Roof

To get away from it all, Wink and I went on a bike ride to the Heron Point Open Space in Newmarket. It was only a short bike ride away but the bugs were fierce and we retreated quickly. It was nice to get away from the chaos at home.


Heron Point Open Space


Mill from Heron Point Open Space

We are supposed to make Frodo use his injured leg and take him for walks around Moody Point. Wink said she had not seen a field with this much Queen Anne’s Lace before so I took a picture of it to share.


Field of Queen Anne’s Lace at Moody Point

The roof was finished the day before Andrew and I got back from Iowa. We all survived and Wink was happy to have us safely home. We went to the carft fair on Thursday and took the dog in for his check up on Friday. We need to keep him quiet for six more weeks and then he can resume normal activities.

All for now.


Mark and Wink