2012 Oyster Festival

Today was the 2012 New Hampshire OysterFest in downtown Newmarket. Wink and I decided to go downtown and avail ourselves of the festivities. We had a great morning as two herons (adult) roosted in the trees outside the breakfast room. We also saw a whole flock of gold finches when we walked Frodo for his morning constitutional. (Frodo hates Hates HATES the gentle leader Only had to use it once) To top it off we almost ran into a flock of turkeys on our way into town to run some morning errands. Good start to the day!

We decided to get lunch at the festival. When we drove by as they were setting up we noticed that parking would be a problem, so Andrew dropped us off near the Mill and we walked home albeit unsteadily. Oh the perils of Oyster Festivaling. J


Newmarket Mills and Oyster Festival


Mill Pond


Walking into Town (90 vendors)


Central Bandstand (for the kids)




Old Stone Church (Tavern)


Oyster Shooter

We climbed the heill and steps up to the Old Stone Church Tavern to get out of the sun. They had an adult band and beverages with Mark being persuaded to avail himself of an oyster shooter. It is a marvelous concoction of hot sauce, oyster and chilled vodka, shaken not stirred. It was quite a production. There was a choice of horseradish or cocktail sauce with Mark choosing cocktail sauce.


Band (loud)

For Rodney (Newmaket is Civilized)


Hog Happy Heffevizen


Real Beer Selection


We canít wait to go back

We enjoyed the lunch at the tavern. Wink had a taco salad that was just spicy enough and Mark had the hamburger with a house pinot noir. So sad, no beer for Mark. L

We walked back through the festival to get home. It was a couple miles and it was hot and sticky.

There is a house with wood sculptures along the way. These sculptures get rearranged every day and there is an entertaining story behind it. The Moody Pt. walking group meets every day to walk down to Bay Rd. and back. They rearrange the yard art every day to tell a story! They are also keeping a photo record of the scenes.


Wood Sculptures


Home Coming

Frodo was waiting at the door to great us. We got a tail wagging homecoming.

After the festival and the hot walk home we got a quick shower followed by a long nap. Not too bad a day.



Mark and Wink